Web Design Costs

What Our Web Services Cost

We have two main categories of services:
1. Website design and maintenance
2. SEO promotion

How Much Does it Cost for Web Design in Bellingham WA?

We build and maintain websites and bill a flat monthly fee. Those flat fees are $75/month, $100/month or $150/month.

We don’t charge any upfront fee to build your site.

The types of sites we build end up looking a lot like this site.

You will have a homepage were we put all your company’s most important information on that first page. It will include your business location, phone number, email, hours of operation, a description of your services and some features and benefits in order to persuade the site visitor to contact you.

Our website construction will typically include:
– Homepage
– About Us Page
– Contact Page (with a form that delivers messages to your current email address)
– Legal Pages including privacy and disclaimers pages

The site will be built using WordPress. We use WordPress as it is the easiest to use content management system.

It will be possible for you to update and maintain the site in the future by yourself if you want to.

Most people don’t want to deal with the ongoing maintenance or updates of their site, so you can simply just have us make any updates or changes when they arise. No problem. It’s included in the monthly plan. We will just do the work when you need to get it done.

Any on-going web design rates for maintenance are very reasonable.

Features that we include in your design that most other services charge for include:
– Unique Domain Name
– Basic Web Hosting
– Basic Logo
– Basic On-Going Maintenance and Monitoring

We include those features for free.

When your site is done, you will have a good-looking, perfectly working website that conveys all the necessary information about your business.

It will look good and function perfectly on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It will display all your contact information, including a working email address that can be sent to wherever you like, including your mobile phone if you like.

If you have advanced requirements, there may be some additional charges. These additional charges for more options might include:
– Logo design by an outside firm
– Private or expensive hosting arrangements
– A significant number of additional pages or posts
– Large amount of content writing
– Extensive professional photography
– Big optional additions or improvements

Website ReDesign

A website redesign requires essentially the same  amount of work as building a new site does.

The only benefit to us when remodeling a site is we already have some or most of the content already written.

The costs to remodel a site are basically the same as building a new one.

SEO Services

Our SEO and online marketing services includes a variety of SEO and marketing tactics, including press release writing and submission, link building, citation building, promotional article writing, extra content writing, social media development and maintenance.

We use a variety of safe and time-tested tactics to increase visitors to your website.

We may be able to do our work without any contact with or editing of your current website at all. We do most of our work outside of your site.

Some of our work involves writing and submitting press releases, building citations and generating links to your site from websites that have developed trust with the search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo).

We don’t do anything that a search engine would consider risky.

We charge on a simple hourly rate. Our rate is $47/hour.

You can order one hour a month, 100 hours a month, or anywhere in between. We can do whatever your budget or business plan allows.

There are no contracts. You can order more or less hours at any time.

We think this is a simple and easy-to-understand way to do this type of work.

There may be some optional, additional costs during the first month. These costs are usually for servicing your Google business page. But you can decide on these options.

So there you have it.

We’ve been doing this for 15 years.

We hope to hear from you.