Mount Vernon

Why Choose Us to Build & Manage Your Mount Vernon Website?

Experienced Mount Vernon Washington designerWe have been building sites for over 15 years.
No long written contractNo contract or long-term agreement to tie you down.
No payment up frontJust one affordable monthly invoice.
We appreciate your businessWe treat your business website just like it’s our own.
Great resultsYou get good results and a manageable price.
Get your new website finished quickWe strive to make your site successful.
We are pretty niceWe’re really easy to work with.

We are a Mount Vernon WA website design company. We can serve clients from the north suburbs of Seattle up to the south suburbs of Vancouver.

We work with small, local companies in Skagit County and the rest of Western Washington to establish and build their online marketing efforts in order to successfully grow their business every year.

We got started in this business of building and promoting websites back in 1999.

We specialize in creating small, effective and affordable websites that help drive more customers to a business.

What Will Your New Website Be Like?

Your new site will probably look quite a bit like this website.

You will have your own logo and the images will be different and the written content will be different, but the overall layout will look similar to this site.

Your site will have your company logo up in the upper left corner, your phone number in the upper right corner, a few nice images, highlights of your service’s key benefits, a column of sales copy, an email contact form and a footer section that links to all the other pages.

Your site will have several pages — a home page, a blog page (you do not have to contribute to your blog if you aren’t into that), a contact page, an about us page, a legal disclaimers page and a privacy policy page. Plus, you have the choice of adding additional pages either at the start or later on.

We believe your site has two main goals to accomplish. The first goal is to provide basic information about your business, such as when you are open for business and the types of services you perform. The second goal is to convince prospective clients or customers that you are a good choice to contact.

Are We a Good Fit For You?

Look, no Mount Vernon web designer wants to turn anyone away, but we know some types of businesses are better-suited to our services than others are. So we prefer to only take on clients we know we would work well with.

For instance, we aren’t suited well for big companies. If you’re already a good-sized company, there are a few fancy website designers in downtown Seattle that will be happy to offer you a development contract. Grow Your Business Revenue This Year

And if you have a need for a really complicated website, or one where you want to sell products through a shopping cart, we’re not the best Mount Vernon web design company for that. Our specialty is not in product databases and selling via a shopping cart. We can be good at promoting those types of businesses, but building that style of site is not our specialty.

Our design sweet spot is with small service businesses.

We have affordable and effective web design options that are perfect for local service businesses.

We offer free advice. So if after talking with you, we don’t think we would be the best fit for your project, if we don’t think we are your best choice for your business Ñ we’ll just tell you. We may even recommend someone else.

Where We Do Our Work

We live in the greater Bellingham, Washington, area. We think it’s great to have our clients in the Whatcom-Skagit area, but we can work with you no matter where you are from. There really isn’t a need to meet face-to-face.

If there is a way to meet over a cup of coffee or something, we can probably work something out.

While it’s nice to get together if it’s convenient, we understand how busy your schedule can be. Again, it really isn’t necessary for us to get together in the same room.

In most situations, we can just talk on the phone. If things work out, we just agree to a plan for going forward, hang up and we get started.

What Will Our Service Cost?

That’s a good question. Unlike most local designers, we do not charge an initial design fee or set-up fee. We also don’t charge for logo design, domain name or hosting, etc. We just charge a flat monthly price.

We have three packages you can choose from:
1. $75 per month
2. $100 per month
3. $150 per month

What the $75-a-Month Web Package Includes

Our basic website development and hosting package includes these benefits:
• A good fully-functioning website (just like this one)
• Logo (use yours or we’ll get one for you)
• Domain name (use yours or we’ll get one for you)
• Web hosting
• Monthly site check-ups (when something breaks, we fix it)
• All necessary images
• Email (to send site email to your phone or computer)
• WordPress and Plug-in updates and fixes as they occur
• Essential site security

What the $100-a-Month Package Includes

Our mid-priced Mount Vernon web design and maintenance package includes EVERYTHING already in the base package, plus:
• Weekly site check-ups (rather than monthly)
• Advanced site security
• Site backups
• Monthly health and security reports

The $150-a-Month Package

Our top package includes EVERYTHING that is included in our mid-priced package, plus:
• Daily site check-ins (instead of weekly)
• Two hours of free work each month. This work could be done to make changes, improvements or site additions. Typical changes could include adding seasonal coupons or promotions, changing work hours, or any other type of edits to existing content or the addition of new.

You Control the Future

Just because we build your site, you will never be stuck with us. If you decide to leave us one day, you can do that.

Now, we will hate to see you go, and it might hurt our feelings, but you are able to do what you want. You can take your site and move it to another host, give it to some other web designer, or whatever you decide to do. There are no issues with that.

And while you are with us, you always have full access to your site. Since it’s built on WordPress, you can log in and make any changes you want. You can add pages or posts, make edits, upload new photos, do whatever you want. Or you can have us do it. It is up to you. You have the option of doing as little or as much as you want.

What is the Contract Like?

Totally a trick question. There is no contract. You don’t sign one. Your word is good enough for us.

If some day in the future you want to stop using our services, you just email us or call us. You can modify your plan or cancel it at any time.

Let’s talk about it.