Why Should We Build & Manage Your Website?

Experienced Marysville Washington designerWe started building websites in 1999.
You can trust us to protect your small businessWe monitor and take care of your website.
We don't need no contractYou don’t have to sign a long contract.
No big check to writeNo big design expense.
Get online quickWe offer affordable monthly plans.
You will rank well in the search enginesYou get good results that are easy to budget for.
We are localWe are real easy to work with.

We want to be your Marysville WA website design company. We serve small business clients from Snohomish County up through Whatcom County.

We specialize in working just with small companies in northwest Washington to improve their company’s online marketing efforts. Our objective is to help these local companies gradually grow their business every year.

Back around 1999 or so, we started building and promoting websites. It went pretty well. We started doing it full time in 2003.

Today, we don’t build websites for big companies. We specialize in creating and managing affordable and reliable sites for small service business owners.

If We Build Your Site — What Will It Look Like?

Your new site will probably look pretty similar to this one you are on right now.

The overall set-up will resemble this one. Your site will have its own unique logo, images and content, but the general layout should look similar to this one.

For example, your homepage will have your company logo in the upper left corner. Your phone number will show in the upper right corner. There will be some nice images. We will work with you to understand your company’s key services and benefits and display them as bullet points. There will be text and sales copy. The right column will have an email contact form and the bottom section contains links to your other pages.

Your site will have all the necessary pages a site should have — a homepage, a blog page (you don’t have to blog), a page that lists your services and service areas, a contact page, an about us page, a legal page and a privacy page. You can add additional pages either right from the start or anytime after the site is live.

Once built, we think your site should accomplish two main goals. The first goal is to provide all your site visitors with the primary information about your business. This information includes a list of the hours your business is open, a list of the services you provide, and options for how visitors can get in contact with you.

The second goal is to actually persuade those visitors to call or visit you instead of one of your competitors. That goal is a little harder to achieve.

Are We the Right Choice For Your Business?

No Marysville web designer wants to turn away a potential client, but there are types of businesses that match up to our services better than others. So we only take on those clients we think are the best fit.

So what kind of businesses aren’t a good fit? First, we aren’t the right option for a big company. If your company is already getting big, just call one of those fancy design firms in downtown Seattle. They will be happy to sign you up. Gradual increase in sales chart

Second, if you want to build a really complex website, we may not be the best Snohomish County web designer to do that.

If your goal is to sell and ship physical products through your site, or you want to have some type of paid membership program, that’s not our specialty. We don’t normally include those types of features. Creating that style of site is just not our specialty.

Our Expertise is Creating Sites for Small Service Businesses.

What we are best at is designing affordable and effective websites that are perfect for local service businesses.

Not sure what to do? We don’t mind talking with you. There is no charge for our advice and opinions. And you don’t have to take our advice either.

After discussing your situation, if we don’t think we would be a good option for you, if we don’t think we would be the top choice for your business — we’ll just tell you. And if we aren’t the right fit, maybe we can recommend someone else who would be. Or we might recommend you re-think the entire project.

Where Are We Located?

We actually live in Ferndale.

If it is doable, maybe there is a way we can get together over a cup of coffee. We think it’s kind of nice to put a face to a name.

We know that sometimes getting together in the same room isn’t always realistic. We understand how busy your schedule can be. But if it’s convenient, maybe we could get together.

Realistically though, we can usually just discuss the match of your business and our service on the phone. If it sounds good to you, we can agree to a plan and go forward from there. We can get started as soon as we hang up.

What Does a Website Cost in Marysville?

We’re a little bit different. Unlike most designers, we do not charge a big design fee to get your site going. We also don’t tack on a bunch of extra charges for features such as logo design, domain name or hosting. Instead, we just charge a flat monthly fee.

We have three monthly packages you can choose from:
1. $75 per month
2. $100 per month
3. $150 per month

The $75-a-Month Web Package

Our base site hosting package includes everything you need:
• A complete, fully-functioning website
• Web hosting
• A Domain name (we use yours or buy one for you)
• A Logo (we use yours or make one for you)
• Regular monthly site check-ins
• All needed images and graphics
• Email setup (your site emails forwarded right to you)
• WordPress and WordPress plug-in updates
• Site protection and security

The $100-a-Month Package

Our middle design and maintenance package includes all the features in the base package, plus:
• Weekly site check-ins (rather than monthly)
• Advanced security
• Site backups
• Monthly reports sent to you

The $150-a-Month Package

Our top package includes all the features in our mid-priced package, plus:
• Daily site check-ins (instead of weekly)
• Two hours of additional work each month. You can have us use this time to make site changes, additions or improvements. This work might include switching seasonal promotions, adding a coupon, modifying open hours, adding new services, or making other changes. This package gives you two hours a month for whatever you need.

You Are Always In Charge

Even though we build and manage this website for you, you are always in control. You are never stuck with our services.

If you decide to leave us one day, you just do it. We don’t want you to leave, our feelings might get hurt, but it’s your site, you can do what you want with it.

You can move your site to a different host, let your brother take it over, let a different web designer take it over, or whatever you think is best. You are in charge of it.

And during the time we are managing it, you always have full access to it. We build it using WordPress, and you have all the site access information, so you (or whoever you want) can login and make any changes you want. Anytime you want. You can add a new post or page, edit the homepage, upload a new photo, you get the idea — whatever you want to do.

Or just have us do the work. It’s up to you.

You have the choice of doing as little or as much as you want.

I Don’t See a Contract

We don’t think a contract is necessary. Your word is good enough for us.

If the day comes when you want to stop using our services, you call us or send us an email.

You can cancel or change your plan whenever you want.